Hypertension 1: CHEP 2013 Guideline

This is the first episode of the Family Pharm Podcast. In a series of 3 podcasts, we covered one of the most important disease entities in family practice and community pharmacies: hypertension. In episode 1, we focussed on the diagnosis of hypertension, and we also discussed briefly the secondary causes of hypertension, screening, and investigations.

I have summarized the CHEP guidelines used in this podcast on my website:

CHEP guidelines on diagnosis, investigations, and management:

level of CHEP recommendations explained (many of the guideline recommendations on diagnosis, lab investigations, and follow up are Level D):

CFPC endorses the CHEP guidelines for hypertension: http://www.cfpc.ca/ProjectAssets/Templates/Resource.aspx?id=1538&langType=4105

Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care guideline on screening: